Company Information

Filippo Berio is the UK and Us No.1* olive oil brand. As part of Salov Group, Filippo Berio has become one of the world’s most popular olive oil brand and it is one of the biggest company in the global olive oil sector. Filippo Berio’s memory and philosophy still live in our company and the passion for the olive oil that drove Filippo Berio to establish the business back then is still evident today.
*Nielsen data 2016


Filippo Berio was our founder, a famous olive oil connoisseur and pioneering entrepreneur in his day. Filippo Berio’s memory and philosophy still live on in our company. Born in Oneglia, in the Italian region of Liguria in 1829, Filippo Berio became a producer of olive oil at a very young age.

Although Liguria is renowned for olive oil, the region is only a small scale producer. So in 1867, to satisfy the ever-growing demand for his olive oil, Filippo Berio moved to Lucca, Tuscany, which is the home to Filippo Berio olive oil to this day.

Mastering and perfecting every step of the olive oil production process, Filippo Berio’s reputation grew with his signature becoming a recognised guarantee of exceptional quality.
As part of his business, Filippo Berio sold olive oil to emigrating Italians as they boarded ships bound for America and beyond. But he didn’t stop there. In the 1870s he ventured abroad himself, introducing his olive oil to the ‘New World’ and setting the foundations for our brand’s international reputation. During this period Filippo Berio won many international awards further endorsing the superior quality of his olive oil.

As custodians of a unique heritage, our company remains true to our founder’s dedication to quality and fine flavour.