Privacy Policy


Users that interact with and browse the site can consult the privacy and confidentiality agreement prepared by SALOV SPA, as owner of the Personal Data handled, on the website, according to article 13 of legislative decree number 196/2003 on website management and the handling of personal data linked to identifiable and unidentifiable subjects.


All data linked to the web services on this website is handled at the company offices and are managed by the technical staff of the designated department, or by possible sporadic occasions and for maintenance. The data may be handled by third parties in order to track visits and visitors to our website for technical site administration purposes and possible statistic elaboration on the web site usage. The personal data provided by users will only be used so as to send out the requested informative material (catalogues, answers to requests and contacts) in relation to the user requests and are only transmitted to third parties when strictly necessary (e.g. For sending out the above mentioned material).


Internet Navigation Data 
The IT systems and the software used linked to the web site obtain, during their normal running, some personal data which are automatically transmitted due to the protocol on internet communications. This personal data is not collected so as to be associated to an identifiable person, but due to their very nature, is used to elaborate and associate data handled by third parties, which allows user identification.
In this category the data also includes the data linked to the IP address and domain names that the users’ computers which connect to the site, the address of the resources requested in URI (Uniform Resource Identifier), the response time, the method used to undergo a server request, the site of the file obtained in parameters linked to the operations systems and to the users’ information technology. This data is used so as to obtain statistical information on the use of the site and so as to control the correct working of said site and are cancelled immediately after the elaboration of the statistics. The data can be used to check the legal responsibility in cases of possible crimes and damage to the site: except for in the above mentioned situations, the website contact data will not persist for more than seven days.

Data provided voluntarily by the user
The voluntarily, explicit or facultative input, of e-mail addresses on this site involves the subsequent acquisition of senders’ e-mail addresses, which are necessary to reply to the requests, as well as the other personal data that is inserted.
Specific information will then be passed on to and sent to the website pages that are equipped for the particular services and data handling, and, where necessary, some requests involve providing explicit consensus.


What are cookies and what are they used for?

Cookies are small text files that a website stores on your computer when you visit it. Cookies are used to optimise the performance of the website, to improve the user’s navigation experience, and to collect statistical information on the users’ navigation behaviours in anonymous form.

What type of cookies does our website use and why?

Based on the situation, our website may use various types of cookies, each one featuring specific characteristics, as illustrated in the following diagram:

Technical cookies: navigation, analytics or session
These cookies allow the website to function properly. They allow regular use of the website, for example to access a reserved area. They allow navigation and proper use of the website on the basis of choices made by the user, such as, for example, the choice of language, or products placed in the shopping cart of an e-commerce website. They make it possible to collect information, in aggregate form, on the number of users and how they visit the website itself.

Profiling cookies
These cookies make it possible to monitor navigation and collect data that can be used to prepare targeted advertising messages and marketing offers.

Third-party cookies
Third-party cookies are installed by a different website (such as, for example, by Facebook when there is an “I like” button on a web page) through the site the user is visiting. Third-party cookies can be used by websites that have installed them in order to record information for marketing purposes.

How can cookies be disabled?

The majority of browsers – such as Internet Explorer and Firefox – are programmed to accept cookies. Nonetheless, you can check and, if so desire, disable cookies through simple steps in the browser settings page. We would like you to note, in any event, that doing so may cause the website to malfunction and consequently limit the service being offered. To change settings, follow the path suggested by the various browsers, which can be found in the “Options” or “Preferences” menu:

Internet Explorer:

Google Chrome:

Apple Safari:

Mozilla Firefox:



Other than the data specified for the website navigation, the user is free to provide personal data asked for in the contact form (to ask for informative material or other communication etc) or in the form in the “Careers” section. By not stating this information the request may not be fulfilled. For further information on the handling of data you are asked to read the information at the bottom of the form.


The personal data is handled in hard and digital copies, by automated means for the time which is strictly necessary and to fulfil the objective that the data was collected for. Specific security means are observed to prevent the loss of data, illegal use and incorrect and unauthorised access to said data.


In order to manage the site, specific security measures have been put into place, which are aimed at guaranteeing that site users have secure access and to protect the information contained on the site and the risk of loss or accidently cancellation of the given information. The antivirus software used by the site managers is regularly updated to avoid the loss of data due to viruses. It is to be underlined that even whilst guaranteeing the use of updated antivirus systems it is recommendable, and a legal requirement, that the users protect their work station with a prevention system and scans for viruses. So as to access the reserved area of the site an identification code and password is given to companies that request one: these passwords are generated so as not to create any recognisable information that can be linked the owner so as to avoid abuse. The user is required not to publicise their password.


The following section of the Italian legislative decree no. 196/2003, states and reminds users of their right to:

  • receive confirmation on the existence of personal data, even if not yet registered, and receive communication in an intelligible form about the data, their origin, the reason for handling the data and the logic applied if handled by electronic means.

  • delete, render anonymous or block the data that is no longer needed to conserve for the objectives, for which the data was collected and handled;
  • update, withdraw and integrate data;
  • oppose, for legitimate reasons, to the handling of the data even if still valid for the objective for which it was collected. To exert such rights, you can contact the owner of the data indicated below.


The list of the persons responsible for the data handled can be consulted by requesting to do so with our offices. The owner of the data handled and of your personal data is Gruppo SALOV S.p.A., Via Montramito, 1600 – 55040 Massarosa (Lucca).