Monti Iblei


Sicily, the largest island in the Mediterranean, represents the perfect harmony of nature and culture. The succession of civilizations have enriched the island, making it a land of great beauty, rich in history, culture and tradition and meaning that Sicilian cuisine benefits from a multitude of different cultural influences. Sicily is also the realm of the olive tree; symbolising the island and perfectly suited to the temperate climate and its calcium-rich, rocky soils. As a result, Sicily produces exceptional olive oil with a sophisticated, fruity taste.


Produced in the Monti Iblei area of Sicily and made using Tonda Iblea olives, this Extra Virgin olive oil has an intense aroma, reminiscent of tomato leaves. It has a full-bodied, intense flavour.


Olive cultivars
Tonda Iblea
Golden Green
Intense, with notes of tomato leaves.
Flavour profile
Full-bodied, intense flavour with notes of tomato and fresh herbs.

Excellent with salads (Insalata Caprese), fish and seafood. Perfect with white meat and boiled or grilled vegetables, delicious on fresh Pecorino and salted Ricotta. An essential ingredient in many Sicilian recipes, like "Pani cunzatu" (seasoned bread).

Tomatoes, Carrots, Fennel, Aubergine, Artichokes, Fava Beans
Lettuce, Endive, Orange Salad, Caprese,
Poultry, Veal
Shellfish, Sardines, Sea Bass, Swordfish, Tuna, Mackerel, Lobster
Pasta Norma, Mushroom Sauces

The civilisations that have dominated Sicily throughout the centuries have left a unique gastronomic legacy that pervades the local cuisine to this day. From the Greeks, with use of garlic and olives, to the Arabs who've made the aubergine a lynch pin of the local cuisine. Thanks to its mild climate, Sicily is rich with herbs and spices; and the fertile soil also produces intensely fragrant oranges and lemons, so much so that Sicily has been called the "land of oranges and lemons". The close bond with the sea means that Sicilian cooking finds its ultimate expression in unique fish dishes.

Ricotta Stuffed Aubergines Rolls in Tomato Sauce Scialatielli alle vongole Spaghetti al Pesto Pantesco Pani Cunzatu Blood Orange Salad