Umbria PDO


Unspoilt landscapes, surrounded by green winding valleys, and ancient villages make Umbria a magical region that is also known as “Italy’s green lung”. A land carved out of hills, mountains and valleys rising in the heart of the Italian peninsula and extending through the Central Tiber River Basin.


Produced in Umbria with olives grown on the Assisi and Spoleto hills and made using Moraiolo, Leccino and Frantoio olives, this extra virgin olive oil has a green olive aroma and a fruity taste with notes of fresh grass, leaves and a hint of artichoke. With a slightly bitter aftertaste, this oil is lively, persistent and well balanced. Filippo Berio Umbro is certified PDO: Protected Designation of Origin.


Olive cultivars
Moraiolo, Leccino, Frantoio
Golden Green
Green olive aroma with a fruity taste
Flavour profile
Lively, well balanced with a slightly bitter aftertaste

fresh peas, fava beans, beans, fennel, lettuce, green beans
potato salad, mesclun, tomatoes
chicken, lamb, game, pork, beef
fresh water fish as well as salt water white fish
mushrooms, pork sausage, olive, tuna, game, smoked fish such as salmon

The cuisine of Umbria has Etruscan roots and is traditionally simple, relying on seasonal ingredients that are largely available on its rich soil, in its lovely lakes, raised on local farms or ready to be foraged in the lush forests that cover much of the region. Umbria is often described as green, and it is the only region in the center North of Italy that is not touched by the sea. Umbrian cuisine is very rustic, often called “cucina povera”, or peasant cooking, which simply means that it is built on traditional dishes created with local and poor ingredients such as grains, vegetables, fresh herbs and obvioulsy, extra virgin olive oil.

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