Supper Clubs

Filippo Berio has teamed up with Supper Clubs across the country to bring the premium taste of Gran Cru, a range of three superb extra virgin olive oils, to foodies and their guests alike.

Supper clubs are a social dining experience operated out of someone’s home or at a local venue. The host gives their attendees the opportunity to sample new and exciting food in an intimate, dinner party style setting.

It is an ideal place to sample Gran Cru olive oil, as opposed to just cooking with it, so that you can appreciate the differences in olive oils and better understand what olive oils to choose and use.

“Great informative night out, thanks!”


We're thrilled to see more and more supper clubs hosting a Gran Cru tasting and incorporating the oils into the dishes they serve. See our calendar below for forthcoming events.

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Take a look at our previous events and the photographs captured here:

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